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                          yancheng kangwei electronics co.,ltd.
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                          Yancheng Kangwei Electron Co., Ltd.

                          ADD:No.28 Xihuan RD, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, China

                          Tel:(+86) 515 88353178

                          Fax:(+86) 515 88353176



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                              Yancheng Kangwei Electron Co., Ltd. specialized in manufacturing Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor, with the self-support import-export authority. The Company has all kinds of advanced producing and testing equipments, with the yearly output of 6 million pieces of capacitors.

                              With the purchase of technology, Kangwei imported the advanced producing & testing equipments including automatic winding machine and all works of winding, division are finished in a dust-free roon with over 500m2 area, so as to increase the lifespan of product. In addition, Kangwei also emphasizes on the strict quality management.Besides ISO9001: 2000 International Quality Management System, Kangwei also has attained the famous international certificates including UL,CUL,VDE, CE,CB,TUV (P2/explosion-proof )and CL/ Class A 30000H) and CQC here. Moreover, the Company has also passed the ROHS, WEEE and SVHC-46 requirements from EU, and with the SGS environmental protection test report The main products-metallized polypropylene film capacitors could be widely used in not only the various kinds of electric equipments, the differential electric machines, the electric tools, the paper-shredding equipments, the lights, the water pumps, the air conditions,the refrigerators(compressor P2), air compresso r filter, the washing machines,medical equipments, railway signal system and other electric appliance and system. 60% of the products are exported to Europe and USA .. The Company takes the business idea of “Quality . Talent .Sales.Trademark”, tries to make a flag in the capacitor industry with the professional, serial, diversified and globalized products.

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                          Tel:(+86) 515 88353178 Fax:(+86) 515 88353176 Web:www.awzlyy.com Mail:drq@kangweielec.com xu@kangweielec.com

                          ADD:No.28 Xihuan RD, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, China Copyright © 2012 Yancheng Kangwei Electron Co., Ltd.